Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 10:25:56 +0900
To: Richard
Subject: Thank you for reading

Dear Richard,

Thank you for reading my long story.
As I sweared you I will be honest, I try to be honest as much as I can.
I will stop worrying about what you would think about it.

I sometimes see a dream like this.
I am walking along a street, completely naked, while other people are all wearing clothes.

I think my life is just like that. It is my destiny.

When people see me,
Some people laugh at me.
Some people misunderstand me.
Some people say "You are mad."
Some people get angry.
Some people are frightened.
Some people hit me.
Some people call the police.

I won't do any harm.
I haven't got any weapons.
I am just naked.

Some people say "you'd better wear your clothes."
But I have given them all to the heaven.
I have not got any.
Anyway I cannot wear any clothes, because they are not me.

I believed that you would see me without laughing at me, without misunderstaning me, without saying "you are mad.", without getting angry, without being frightened, without hitting me, without calling the police, and give me a big hug.

But it seems that you did not see me, or you did not want to see me.
But I hope you might want to see me someday.

I really wanted you to help me.
I don't know exactly how.

But if you had allowed me to cry as much as I want and had given me a big hug, I might have got the enough courage to see him again.

Thanks for looking after Stuart.

Love, Kyoko