What is the true partner?

Q. Does everyone have his/her true partner?

A. Yes. It is like two broken halves of a rice cracker, or like two sides of a coin. Your existence itself is the proof that your true partner exists.

Q. What kind of person is your true partner?

A. The chart above represents everyone on earth.
The true partners are the two people who are shown diametrically opposite to each other with the same colour.
Your true partner and you have the opposite energy, but since you two are joined in the direct straight line in your deep inner hearts, you could say that you two have the same base.

When you collide straight with each other, it resonates like a handclap.
You are eternal mystery to each other, and the more youget to know the other, the more attractive he/she becomes.
Therefore, you will never get tired of each other no matter how long you stay together.

The place where you two are joined is also connected with everybody else in this world.
In other words, if you love each other, the happy energy will bring happiness to all.

Q. Isn't there a case when I think a certain person is my true partner, and I am not his (hers)?

A. There exist only one pair of halves of a broken rice cracker that matches each other, isn't there?
So, if someone is your true partner, then you are his/her true partner.

Q. How can I meet my true partner?

A. You and your true partner are direct opposites like the plus and the minus, so if you are the way you are, you two will inevitably attract each other.
So, if you live honestly to yourself, you will definitely meet your true partner.

However, in today's society, people have lost their naturalness.
In fact, there are many occasions where people are forced to suppress their honest selves, and at many times choosing somebody who is not your true partner seems the safer way to go.
That is why many people are with the wrong partners.

Being honest with yourself is something that sounds easy, but actually it's the most difficult thing that requires the biggest courage.