Help for the Lovelorn and Lonelyhearted

Everyone has the only one true partner.
The person is meant only for you.
Therefore you don't have to fight over him/her with anybody else.
When everyone is joined with his/her true partner,
this world will turn into heaven at once.
If somebody confuses his/her true partner for somebody else,
that will lead the rest of us to choose the wrong partner in a chain reaction,
which in turn will lead to endless conflicts and unhappiness (as things are now).

if you are now looking for a partner,
let me give you a hand with finding your true half.
And for those of you who have unfortunately chosen the wrong person,
let me help you pick up the courage to return to your only one true partner.

What is the true partner?

How do you get along with your true partner?

Who is your true partner?