How do you get along with your true partner?

Q. How do you get along with your true partner?

A. By showing the honest selves to each other.

If you, by fear of losing your true partner, suppress yourself or try to hide yourself, he/she will suddenly lose the attraction to you and will leave you.
So, as afraid as you are, you must show your true self.
If you do so, you will be amazed that your true partner will accept you completely.

The most attractive thing to your real partner is the honest you.
Your true partner is someone who will give you true confidence.

So, the most important thing to the two of you is "trust" toward each other.

Q. What is the difference between choosing your true partner as your life partner and choosing somebody else?

A. The former leads to a life full of adventure and excitement, and the latter leads to a life that may look secure but is full of self-defenses and hardships to bear.
Your true parnter will edge you on to your real (true) dream.
He/she will give you confidence and will encourage you.

However, if you give up on your dream because of the lack of self-trust, or if you are not honest with yourself, your true parner will turn into the sternest, the most fearful figure for you.
That is only because he/she is wishing for your true happiness.

If you run away from your true parnter, you won't be able to feel happy from the bottom of your heart.
Then you will make frantic effort to cling onto a secure workplace, making money and social status.
Not being able to express your true feelings by fear of getting downsized, you will live like a slave to the people with money and power.
Yet, no matter how hard you try, your stress will just keep building up and you will need to blow off steam and relieve the stress onto somebody in the end.
The number one victims are the children.
And when the stress permeates the society, it will eventually lead to murders and wars.

It is easy to end all the wars in this world.
All you have to do is to go back to your own true parnter.
Then the scramble for happiness will end instantly.

If you feel that you have chosen the wrong partner, please have courage to go back to your real parner.
That is the only way that you can make yourself and others happy.

If you are not happy, you can't bring happiness to others.

Q. I fall in love so easily and it seems impossible for me to just love only one person.

A. It is a good thing that you fall in love easily.

Let's look at the chart above.
At the point (the center of the circle) where you are touching your true partner (the same color on the diametrically opposite side), you are touching everybody else, see?
That means, when you are there, you can love all people (everybody).

Falling in love easily is the evidence of your open heart.
If you don't open your heart, you will not be able to meet your true partner.

However, you might get confused as you get closer to the center of the circle because you could fall in love with many people.
And many of you might not want your true partner to fall in love with anybody else.

No need to worry.
You and your true partner are joined with each other in the direct straight line so you two are pulling each other with enormous attraction.

Even if your true partner had a crush on many people, nobody would have the attractive force that you possess.

So, as long as you two trust each other and are open with each other, no matter how often you fall in love with somebody else, you will never betray each other.

However, if you try to bind down your true partner or force him/her not to look at other women/men, you two will no longer be able to stay in the center of the circle.
And there is no doubt that the relationship of you two will deteriorate.

As your relationship gets deeper, you will come to feel that everyone on this earth is one part of your true partner.

Because you have only one person that you love truly, you will be able to love all people in the world.

That is the true heaven.

Q. How can two opposites get along? Won't they clash?

A. The opposites, if you look at it from another perspective, can complement each other. For example, one is the steering wheel (often women) and the other is the engine (often men).

For this car to run smoothly, trusting each other is essential.
If the engine try to decide where to go, the car will run crazy, and if the steering wheel try to run forward by its own, it will be stranded.
Men's desire to take control and women's fear of male energy get in the way of your trust to each other.